We focus on what we know best, service companies, where, we not only understand the business and its threats, but we commit to provide the needed resources and expertise to support company growth


Our added value

  • We provide stability by backing long term growth strategies

  • We offer resources with specific focus on financial, operational and commercial expertise to support both organic and inorganic growth

  • We recognize and encourage company management and customer relationships

  • We strive to connect managers encouraging commercial and operational collaborations

  • We focus on people pursuing long lasting talented partners

Companies we partner with have to provide a strong and committed management team and be open to take advantage of Tramontana team in those areas and issues where value can be added to meet growth plans.

Targeted Company criteria:

  • EBITDA margin +10%

  • Three years of stable financials

  • Stable customer base

  • Service Oriented

At Tramontana we provide not only the necessary equity to expand your company, but we highly value autonomy in order to ensure business continuity, through our approach we recognize managers and employee’s competitive capabilities and we enhance cross collaboration among the management teams to boost talent development and achieve common targets.

If you believe Tramontana could be the right partner to move to the next stage, please do send us an email to: contact#tramontanaltd.com